Can someone explain school accreditation to me?

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Hi everyone,

I just received my acceptance to the ADN program I applied for for this fall. I'm sure this seems like something I probably should have already investigated, but it actually just occured to me that I better make sure...

The community college I will be attending is accredited with my state board of nursing (and also with the state community college system). However, I do not think it is accredited with the National League of Nurses or any other Nat'l organization. I have noticed that most RN jobs require that you have graduated from an accredited school, but don't specify WHAT accreditation they require. Could someone clarify this for me?

I plan to call some local hospital HR depts. tomorrow to see if they can clarify, but in the mean time thought you all would probably know the answer so I don't worry all day. Thanks!!

Hi! Accreditation usually means that the institution's programs have been reviewed and been found acceptable by a national higher education accrediting institution (like NCA). If you get a degree from an accredited place, it should be transferable to work or to further study almost anywhere. Now, I'm assuming that this applies to nursing, as well. I would check it out with the state board of nursing, maybe? Or maybe check with the college's job placement center for stats on RN grads from the college you're going to go to and see how many of their grads got jobs.

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