Can they report Abandonment for 1st day on job/orientation?

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If I left on my first day as a CNA before my shift was over due to reasons I won't get into. They can of course terminate me, but can that be abandonment as well? I was only there several hours. Won't get into details, but it was orientation, and my first day there.

Please help! (I know this sounds bad on my part, and I'm going to go in person and apologize, etc and explain. I'm not going to report them, or say anything bad to anyone about them. It had nothing to do with anything "bad" I saw, etc...but I just need straight answers. From what I've read so far, they can't report me because it was orientation, and my first day, and I didn't have my own patients yet.) Thanks in advance.

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I believe as long as you explain to the company that it isn't working for you and you are sorry to leave. I'm not sure of laws and don't pretend to be. But as long as the residents are covered and not just left to fend for themselves it isn't abandonment.


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No, the CNA I was watching was there, several LVNs, I didn't really do anything at all yesterday. I just won't get into it all, but I was very discouraged. That's beside the point, though. Others have said it has to be someone who is licensed, not just certified. Thank you for your reply, and thank you to anyone else for your help!

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The best place to get this answer is from your state's board of nursing or a lawyer. However, members of allnurses are not allowed to give out "legal advice." Thread closed as per the terms of service.

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