can you pick your destination?


Do you get sent where ever when you are a traveling nurse? Can you pick your locations or at least say you want to stay close to a group of states? I guessing its not a family job and does not really suit my fancy at this point in my life but I still wonder how it works


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Yes you can pick where you want to travel to. Most companies want at least 1 year exp and some want you to have 2 years exp which is a excellent idea because when you travel to a new hospital you get 3 days orientaion (if you're lucky) and then you are expected to be able to perform on your own. I see in your profile you are a student so I think it will be awhile until you consider travel nursing.

Good Luck with your studies.


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I had the goal to travel when I was in nursing school. Stick with it, learn a lot and it will happen. Yes you get to pick where you want to go. You get to pick exactly where you want to go (as long as they have needs). I recommend a book called hitting the road, a guide to travel nursing. I will give you a good overview. Other than that keep reading forums, and learn as much as you can during your first year of nursing so you will be prepared to travel.

I know a bunch of travelers that travel with their family.

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You can pick where you want to go, but there might not always be assignments in the specific area you want. For example, I'm from WI, and for one of my assignments, I wanted to be closer to home. I couldn't find anything in ER that was paying enough in WI, so I ended up going to Iowa (the Midwest doesn't have as many travel assignments in general). But for my current assignment, I requested San Diego, and I am right in San Diego. If you are willing to be a little flexible, you should be able to get pretty close to where you want to go.

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