Can some one develop an allergy to PPD?


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There is a possibility of an immediate hypersensitivity reaction, NOT a +PPD, usually due to an allergy, that may develop within 24 hours of placement, which will cause swelling, itching, or, in extreme cases, symptoms of anaphylaxis. The delayed hypersensitivity reaction, a +PPD, which can include ulceration, vesiculation, etc. (in addition to classic induration), has an onset that usually peaks 48-72 hours later. The brand used may explain different results in different years (Tubersol vs. Aplisol). My favorite explanation of this can be found on p. 1388, par. B of

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Yes you can! I had a horrible reaction to my TB test and then my flu shot in the same year. I had a huge, and I mean huge ugly wheal from both! I had to go to the ER and get a steroid shot for the flu one, my arm looked awful! Now I have to make sure everything I get is thirmosol free.