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Can any of you Oncology Nurses help me out with more info on end-stages of Brain CA


I am a nursing studen with 4 months til graduation. My father was dx with a GBM IV located in his cerebellum in Dec. 2002 and has had the full gamet of surgery, radiation, chemo and now he seems to be deteriorating quickly.

My question is...for those of you have seen and/or had experiences with end-stages of brain ca, what can we expect as far as s/s in the end stages. We have seen increased unsteady gait, and what appears to be tremors in his upper torso and extremities, short term memory loss, etc...

Please help me find more info, I have done many searches to find the info and nobody wants to talk about it. I would much rather have an idea of what to expect than to go on blindly.

Thank you and God Bless.


I speak from my own personal expereince as an Oncology Clinican, as well as a daughter. My dad had brain cancer. He actually died from a stroke. You can contact me at BarbPick@aol.com and we can talk about it.


In the Brain CA the symptoms can be very different, depending on the places they're in and the volume they have. A benign one can cause as damages as the others if they compress important areas. And the kind of MTT also interferes.

Just expect the worse and hope for as good as it gets.

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