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I am a nurse in California. I'm currently trained in and experienced in IPL (laser) hair removal and photo facial (skin rejuvination,tatoo removal and vein therapy) as well as chemical peels, microderm-abrasions and facials. I am training for botox and collegen/restylane injections. I was wondering if any of these task can be performed by RN's in FL and under what circumstances? I know that it must be done under the direction of a physician but other than that I can't find any info on the FL DPR Nursing site. I am really interested in a career in FL in this field. I know they let electrologist who take only a 170 hr course use lasers and cosmetologist with 1200 hrs training perform peels and micros, but strange as it may seem I see no mention of a nurse with 4 years of education, specific training and experience in the field performing the same task??? Ps. Does florida have registered aestheticians?? Please Help!!!!


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FL does not have licensed aestheticians. I think they are just called cosmetologists. RN's in FL can not use lasers or IPL unless we get additional training and licensure as an electrologist which will run you $5k for a one month course and another $500 in fees. I'm not sure if we can do microdermabrasion, but I'm certain we can perform botox, dermal fillers, sclerotherapy and mesotherapy under a medical supervisor.

go to to research it.


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There is actually a seminar that is presented in Fl for this very thing by nurses-- I believe it's called the eclectic skin institute-- i was planning on attending a training a fwe years ago in Fl and that was where these nurses were from -

Dianna, ARNP

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There is actually a seminar that is presented in Fl for this very thing by nurses-- I believe it's called the eclectic skin institute-- i was planning on attending a training a fwe years ago in Fl and that was where these nurses were from -

The company is no longer named Eclectic Skin Institute. But, has been renamed, still run by the same ARNP It iscalled Aesthetic Skin institute.



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Hi, I am not a nurse (yet), but a Registered Facial Specialist (what they call an Aesthetician on the license in Florida). Here is my understanding & experience in this state: a RN can do all of the services you mentioned, as long as it's in a facility that is "under physician's supervision"). I happen to work in a doctor's office and under my license I can *do* microderm & peels, (even if I just worked in a spa without MD supervision). But for the laser work (yag, ipl & cluster) I must be under MD supervision. I CANNOT do the injectables, until I become an RN...and still, the facility where I will do it must be under the supervision of an MD. You do NOT necessarily have to have the electrologist's license if you are "under supervision" to do laser work. I am from CA and as far as I know, this state is much more liberal in its requirements than CA. Hope this helps...



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as far as rns and lasers in fl, i wrote the board about 8 months ago asking and they told me i had to be an electrologist. there is no "law" written by the nursing board that says we can or can't. i found a petition from an rn doing laser asking if it was in her scope of practice and the board ruled no. here is the link:

you can also go to do a search for "lasers" and read the minutes from the board of medicine, july and august 2005 discuss laser use. the board of medicine says use of lasers is practice of medicine which only mds, dos, arnp's and np's can do. there was a presentation from an rn who got in trouble for doing lasers who spoke about it.

so then i find out the if i were to get the electrology license that electrologists are under direct supervision of the md (meaning md on site). i wrote the board of nursing asking if an rn with an electrology license would be under direct or indirect supervision. i'm waiting for a reply. i'll post it when they respond.

it seems silly that a properly trained rn can't do cosmetic laser work, when an electrologist with a 2 month degree can!


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here is the response i got on if rns can do laser hair removal in fl, this is from the board of nursing...

[color=maroon][color=maroon]about three years ago the board of nursing issued a statement saying nurses can only perform laser hair removal if they have a valid license as and electrologist and they have obtained the required training for using the laser. for more information regarding electrolysis please visit their website at

[color=maroon][color=maroon]there is a link for laser hair removal.

I am a registered nurse who has just submitted a letter to the Georgia Board of Nursing, ref. botox and filler injections with/without a doctors supervision. There are no laws governing the RN at this time. Nurses board wants to review my request. Does the board of nursing set the rules for the RN if there are no laws governing the RN r/t this procedure? I want to open up my own business.

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