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can nurses take suboxone?

by kellibear kellibear (New) New

hi, i live in tn and will soon be going to tnpap to get my license back. i am still taking suboxone, just started tapering this week. it has totally changed my life--i feel better than i have in over 20 years. my doctor and i both think i am not ready to stop yet and that a slow taper is important. he says he has nurses that take sub, while they are on contract with tnpap. i called tnpap, but could'nt really get a straight answer. they said they don't want their nurses to take sub, but they didn't say NO either. so i go for the ridiculously expensive eval--by one of their psychologists--can't go to my own addictionologist--that would make too much sense and they wouldn't get their money. i don't know whether or not to tell this evaluator about the sub. some uninformed, uneducated people judge you badly if you take sub, even tho it has saved thousands of lives, including mine. i don't know what to do--any suggestions? thanks so much!

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I'm sorry but this question should be answered by your doctor, your employer and board of nursing. It's not an appropriate question for a recovery forum. Thanks and good luck.

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