how can a nurse in uk become a nurse in america and grant work permit

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how can a nurse in uk become a nurse in america and grant work permit

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Meeting state requirements and sitting and passing NCLEX is a start then you have to find a employer willing to go the work permit (H1b) route and unless they are not capped, think university hospitals, you will have to wait until next April for employer to file application and if successful (BSN minimum plus something specialised may do the trick) then can move in October 2013.

Depending on training will depend if you meet requirements as clinical and theory hours in Paeds, mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult will be required

Be aware many US nurses are struggling to find work so obtaining a H1b will be hard as employers have to prove that a BSN is the minimum requirement for job and that they can not employ locally

Whatever education you acquired in the U.K. has also be evaluated as equivalent to a bachelor in the U.S. if you are trying to go the H1b route. If you don't have a formal bachelor education, then depending on how many years you worked as a RN in the U.K., work experience might be allowed as an equal for formal education. H1b sponsoring does not require proof that no U.S resident could do the job. However, a typical nursing position in the U.S. does not require a bachelor, which makes the case for H1b difficult for typical nursing positions (e.g. floor nursing). But whatever you try, being allowed to sit for NCLEX and get a U.S. license might be the biggest hurdle.

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