Can I work to other countries before working in the US?

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I am a Filipino newly grad nurse. I was advised that as early as possible, I should start making plans with my career especially in planning to work abroad since working in our country for a long time may not gave you a sufficient amount of salary. As of now, I'm on the process for NCLEX with the help of an agency. However, I'm still in dilemma since I have some cousins working in Germany and I also wanted to be with them. Aside from that, I'm really interested in learning German too. But I have already signed a contract with my agency for NCLEX. I cant decline and back out from my agency since I wouldn't want to encounter breach of contract issues. I would like to know if it is possible for me to work to other countries such as Germany after taking and passing NCLEX? (then upon finishing the contract, I'll just continue my process for US) OR should I just stick with one country only?

I would like to know your opinions or experiences regarding with this. Thank you!

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Yes, absolutely. We are on the same boat but instead of Germany, I will be working in UK. I have been looking for healthcare facilities in US that will hire with a year of clinical experience but to no avail so I am opting to work in UK to satisfy their requirements. NCLEX license will not expire so you can change your mind anytime you want. May I ask what agency you signed a contract with regarding your American Dream?

Thank you for sharing your experience! I chose Health Carousel as my agency. What's yours?

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