Can I work as a CNA if I'm a LPN

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I have cognitive learning disadvantages, ADHD, language barrier, slightly lower than average IQ, combine all that and you get social anxiety. I freeze when I don't understand something or something becomes too stressful. Working as a CNA for 6-12 months can give me confidence to work at a nursing facility. Can I temporarily suspend my LPN license or something of the sort. Please don't judge me. I'm simply one of the individuals in today's society that's brave enough to admit that they simply don't have the normal cognitive function to learn but is willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

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Hello Mike58293, 

Thanks for sharing your current situation, it's really brave of you to do so. I think the best bet is to reach out to the college that provides licensing for CNA's and/or the school you graduated from to see if you can also get certified as a CNA. Obviously, it's State/Province specific, but it doesn't hurt to ask these questions so at least they will know to refer you in the correct direction. Wishing you the best!


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You passed your NCLEX. Do not suspend your license, you earned it. I'm a dinosaur RN and many times worked as an STNA on our floor I loved it bc I loved the aides on our floor (I will NEVER be that nurse who says "MY aides”). It's a damn hard job and I have always thanked all of our staff (except the holier than thou). Do what you're comfortable with. Remember, as an LPN/LVN/RN still help aides anytime you can. I come from the hospital world....we are a team. I've taught in LPN and RN programs and have taken students clinical in ECF/SNFs and was appalled at how they treated Aides. No.

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First off, the thing I thought of immediately was that you passed the NCLEX as an LPN. So you ARE competent and smart no matter what your IQ is. 
We were required here in NC to get our CNA first before using school. But I always heard that you must work within your scope of practice. Like as an LPN doing CNA duties, if there was a nursing issue or emergency you couldn't ignore it or act like a CNA- act like you know nothing and run to get a nurse. 
But k haven't read those policies in forever. 

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Hi Mike, 

   Please don't suspend your license. I gave mine up for a job and it was pure hell getting it back with a refresher course. 
   Anyway, you could look for a job that is fits your needs , for instance I worked as an CNA trainer, hence little nursing but requires a LPN ..easy job and fun. I am also working now as a residential nurse for  4 developmentally  disabled individuals and it's so fun. There are lots of easy opportunities out there and if you had a good mentor you'll be great.... You can do it!!  You passed the course!!

best of luck! 


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