Can I use my HESI Study Guide to Prepare for the TEAS?

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I am planning to take the TEAS either at the end of this year (2014 or the beginning of next year 2015). I had recently purchased the book Pass the HESI A2! by Complete Test Preparation. I have since switched and will be attending a graduate program for Nursing rather than the one at the local community college, which required the HESI. The graduate program I am applying to (and admitted to provisionally) requires the TEAS exam.

The question is- can I use my HESI book to prep for the TEAS?

Has anyone done this before?

Thank you.


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I suppose you could, but I couldn't attest to how much help it would be. I'm not familiar with Hesi.

You would probably be better off to break down and purchase the ATI TEAS V book (I believe it's $35) and pass the first time. That book is awesome.

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