Can I be a Traveling Nurse With my Son?


I am currently in school to be an RN and will graduate in 2010. My son will then be 4 years old. I really want to try the traveling aspect of Nursing and could really use they money as well, being a single mom. Can I be a traveling nurse with my son? I don't want to leave him with family etc. unless I can be a traveling nurse for a couple weeks and do it maybe once a month as a "bonus" type thing. But it would be awesome if I could travel nurse for a couple of months with my son accompanying there an option on bringing a sitter with me? Any info. will help. Thanks in advance!

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Some people do travel with children, but usually if they have someone else with them to care for the child.

Keep in mind that if you graduate when your child is 4, then by the time you have the experience to travel ( a couple of years) then he will be school age. You would then need to decide whether you want to homeschool him or stay in one place for him to attend school.


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Who is going to watch him while you are at work? Are you going to have a babysitter at every locale?

One of my coworkers traveled with her son...her husband home schooled him. He's 8 and they are still both traveling together. It can be done, it just takes some planning on your part. x

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