Can I talk with a CNM, please ?


Hello everyone !!

I'm currently a nursing student and I feel like I have a calling to midwifery. I'm absolutely amazed by pregnancy and labor & delivery, that was without a doubt my favorite class in school ! And I researched what it's like to be a L&D nurse and it sounds great but ... it makes me feel like I'm missing something. I'm missing the compassion of following a woman and her partner through all of pregnancy and labor. And I want to teach I love teaching and I wanna teach mothers deal with pregnancy and labor! And as for all the other duties a midwife has like vaginal exams and paps I'm ok with that I feel I will enjoy it all. The thing that I feel would give me the most joy in a career would be the ability to hand a new mother her baby for the first time, be the only thing inbetween a mother and her baby, it honestly gives me chills !

I would just just like to be in contact with a CNM so I can have some questions answered and be able to hear what it's like from an actual person that lives it ! Also anyone in Pennsylvania would also be great thank you !!!


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Ok I'll try not to over do it on the questions lol !

1) Where do you work and what is your daily life like at work?

2) Do you recommend a career as a CNM?

3) Do you think I will have trouble finding a job ?

4) Where are you from and where did you go to school? On campus or online ?

and lastly for now lol. 5) Do you have any reading material or websites I can find more information on to learn all about midwifery?


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I am also a nursing student in PA looking toward becoming a CNM. I'm in the Pittsburgh area. Have you already completed nursing school? (I see this is a year old)