Can I gete Accepted w/ a 3.09 GPA?

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I am finishing my first year of prerequisites and I have a 3.09 GPA. Will I be accepted into nursing school or should I try to finish my BS in health science and then retry? I had hoped to be a CRNA but I am worried about my GPA.

Do you have any suggestions? I had planned to start applications soon.




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It depends on the individual requirements of the school, really. I know the minimum GPA for my program was a 2.50. I had a 3.132 GPA applying and I don't think my school accepts many students with a GPA lower than a 3.00. Do some research though, and good luck!

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You'll probably get more-helpful answers if you can specify your location. Also, are you looking for an ADN program, a BSN, or a DEMSN?

For the ADN at the local community college, you'd qualify so long as you've earned at least B's in the prerequisites and keep above a 3.0. Once you qualify, you go on to a waiting list of about 3 years.

Some of the other ADN programs have similar requirements but then draw from a lottery.

My program is based on competitive admissions and your grades would probably not be competitive in the programs that I've looked at. Those have all been BSN/MSN programs, though.

As stated above, check out your local schools to determine their bases of admission.


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My CC requires a 2.5. GPA carries a low value on their admission points system. They have a total of 32 points, and you get your GPA as part of the system (ie 2.5-4.0 points).

So, at max GPA = 1/8th of the admission. There are similar schools around the country, you just have to look around.

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