Can I exceeding safe speed ticket stop me from getting a hospice job


Hey Everyone,

I have already received a job offer for a hospice job that I want so badly. My background check came back clean but I know that I had gotten a ticket a little over year ago where I was charged with exceeding safe speed. Will this affect me from getting this job! I hate that I may not get it because I have this one ticket. Can someone please give me some advice? I would greatly appreciate it! I am live in NC. Ty for advance


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A speeding ticket is nothing. As long as you were not arrested, it should not show up as anything detrimental on a background check. I would be unemployed many times over if they worried about speeding tickets.

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The only Nursing Jobs that are routinely affected by moving (traffic) violations are those in Home Care - especially if the job requires driving between client locations throughout your shift. This is because the company could be liable if you were to cause a wreck. It is not unusual for these employers to check driving records as part of employment as well as on a random basis.

Otherwise, moving violations are probably not anything that will affect your employment status.... unless you have a whole bunch of unpaid tickets that result in an arrest warrant, it's not a big deal.