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Hi every body..

I was very happy today because I spent it searching for nursing sites all over the web .. I am pharmacy student from Jordan university in Jordan, and I have an assignment about NURSE ROLE IN EMERGENCY ROOM.

I visited a lot of sites but I could not find an educational information regarding this subject so I will be grateful if you can help me by providing names of sites or books available on the net regarding this subject and thanks a lot



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Try this link to Emergency Nurses Association, the professional organization for ED nurses. Though this is a broad statement, it should give you the long view. Pharmacologically, the ED nurse is responsible to give a broad range of meds to a broad range of ages in often high pressure situations. Also ED's may be the "do it all" spot and people can be sent there to get an assortment of "give and go" meds such as Neupogen, migraine meds (both narcotic and non-narcotic), blood and antibiotics. This will vary highly with ED size. Anyhow, try this link. Hope it works:

I found this document by going to and searching for role but it was about 5 or 6 pages in on the results and is a general document on role of the ED nurse.

When I tried to make the link above work, it wouldn't, so you may have to go to the site and do the search. The document name is "Emergency Nurses Association Scope of Emergency Nursing Practice".

Good luck.


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thanks aloooooooooot

i appreciate your help tooo much


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