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how can you guide a confused fresh RN of what to do first

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by ezela ezela (Member)

ezela works as a Nurse.

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hi! im a newbie and so confused. im a july 2010 board passer and this post grad. confusion of where to start is killing me. i've been an all-day bum for a week already and it seems to progress. i need to start my future working. this site is soooo informative that i would like to learn its "related to my case" content but it's too vast.:confused:

so let me specify my case..

background: i aspire to work in places needing nurses since in my country it's sooo difficult to get a job [tons of nurses here]. I wish to be a nurse in US but I have an auntie, a widow, who wants me to live with her in Queensland, Australia since she's already old. :nurse:


1. What can u guys suggest to me the first thing to do? Eg. take seminars/ trainings like ACLS-BLS, IV therapy, or should i take the IELTS now, or get experience from hospitals [if i can find a vacancy]

2. How can i be a R.N. in Australia specifically in Queensland? [i read about some threads on Aussie, alot of info but still confusing for a newbie like me.:uhoh3:]

3. Do you know a PI nurse without experience who was able to go to Aussie? and who is willing to share the process he/she went through?

3. How can i go to Australia? i have a relative,my aunt, there but she doesnt know how to sponsor me though she says she's really willing to help me its just that she doesn't know the process. [help:redpinkhe]

i don't know if how this thread would appear to you guys but my only intent is to learn and be enlightened. i have read alot of threads already and yes i learned but not enough to break this confusion. Any info is sooo much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

[i have to thank "dumb" for a PM, but i can't reply since i should post 12 more to do that. But thank you, it did help me "dumb":yeah:i stopped at #95 and followed your suggestion to jump to #600. :up:still reading tho]

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