Can CNA's also work as PCT's?

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Can a certified nursing assistant also work as a patient care technician? Or would I have to forego further education to become a PCT?

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All I did was get my CNA and I work as a PCT at a hospital in a med/surg floor

It depends on where you are and what hospital you're working for. My mentor was a CNA who worked as a PCT at a women's hospital. She did not do any blood draws or insert catheters. The only thing the hospital had her do aside from ADL was blood sugars.

I've heard that there are classes now for PCT, and CNA II's and whatever else people have made up. Supposedly PCTs learn phlebotomy and Foley catheters? Not a bad idea imo, but I'd feel bad for all those phlebotomists.

And last I checked, nurses are supposed to be inserting Foley catheters because it's a sterile procedure. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm from Australia I'm still not understand the difference between all the different titles you guys have over there.

Can someone explain the difference between





Thanks :)

CNA is certified nurse aid. Tech is certified nurse tech. It's the same thing just most places use the phrase "tech" because it sounds more professional. PCT (patient care technician) is almost the same as cna and tech but like the above post mentioned they can do phlebotomy and catheters and the classes last much longer. And all of them deserve way more than what they make for the work they do!

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