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can cna work at urgent care... ?


just wondering..

does urgent cares hire cnas?

i called some of them and they were looking for cma, lpn, rn, and phlebotomists, but when my sister went to the other..

she somehow applied for the job..

she's not telling me much so i'm not sure what's going on..

but she's a cna too...

i'm desperately looking for jobs right now..

i'm currently a cna 1 too..

what kind of jobs can i get?

i know i have slim chance to get a job in hospital..

and i can work at nursing homes and home care..

but is there anything else?


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Why do you think you have a slim chance of getting a job at a hospital? I work at one of the largest hospitals in NC which is also the first hospital in NC to be recognized as a Magnet Hospital and they hire NA 1's fresh out of school. I was a NA 1 when they first hired me. I've been with them for almost 2 years. I don't see why an NA couldn't work for urgent care...I would apply everywhere. I'm not sure where you're from exactly but with English being your second language, that means you speak another language fluently...be sure to put that on your application especially considering you're in Fayettenam.

Good luck!

oh.. i'm from korea..

and yeah, on my application, i put that i'm bilingual..

i say i have a slim chance because most of them look for experiences...

when i applied at womack hospital in ft. bragg, that's what they told me too at the interview :(

really wanted to work on base too.. T_T

what hospital do you work at?

oh and what's magnet hospital?


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MotivatedOne- Where do you work? I am starting CNA classes this week, and I would love to work in a hospital when I am finished. Any advice to get in? I am going to volunteer at Wake Med and I am also planning to take a Medical Terminology class.

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One magnet hospital that comes to mind is Wake Forest UBMC...

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