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Can a CNA get a job as an ER pct?


Also, can an ER employee learn on the job to draw blood and then do some phlebotomy? Or must they obtain some state certification from an accredited institution?

I am curious because I thought my CNA friend mentioned that she can be a PCT... and another friend of mine who's a PCT says she can draw blood... So I'm just curious about what exactly a PCT does, and the training that one needs to have in order to work as one

Thanks in advance!!

At my hospital all "techs" are CNAs. We're not called PCTs; we're called HCTs (healthcare techs) and we're in all areas of the hospital, including the ER. In the ER they can be taught how to draw blood.


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Essentially, yes. A CNA can get a job as a PCT since their base function is very similar. As far as what you will be able to do will depend on the facility. Most of the time, the PCTs that can do phleb, foleys, EKG set up, and so on, are nursing students. The ones who are not nursing students found a facility that does onsite PCT training for whatever skills they want them to possess.

Wow this is really cool

I would love to get my CNA license and then learn how to draw blood (amongst other things) on the job :)

When looking for a job in a hospital should I bring this up at the interview? Or just hope they'll be willing to teach me?

I assume each hospital has different protocol