Can you challenge the CNA exam? I live in San Diego

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I'm really sad right now. I've been doing nothing with my life. I'm really bored with my life. I got no job or anything. I was at college in the Philippines as a BSN student, but I didn't like the standard of its education so I dropped out of college there and came back to the United States, thus wasting money for college and all.

Now, I'm thinking of being a CNA, so I can get some experience and I'll be doing something with my life. The problem is, most of the ROP programs that offers CNA training are full so I have to wait till 2010 for another class. I don't wanna wait that long. I've heard that in some states, they let you challenge the CNA test but I don't know if California lets you do that. I'm wondering, can you do so in California? I have relatives that are CNAs, so they can teach me and train me.


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Hello! I go to kaplan college and they offer a CNA course and there is no wait list. They start up a new course about every 3 months I believe. The cost is the only bad thing. It costs around $4,000 for their CNA class. expensive yes but if you want to get to work soon this is a quick option.


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Thanks for the reply. I know about Kaplan college and I would never pay that much for a CNA program. That's way too expensive. In ROP programs, it's a thousand times cheaper while community colleges are a hundred times cheaper (Mira Costa costs only about $500). I just want to take the exam that gives me the license to be a CNA.


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I have not heard of anyone being able to challenge the CNA boards exam. You have to take a class and pass the skills to be a CNA and that is when you take your CNA board exam. It's kinda like taking a test out exam. good luck to you


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$4,000 for a dang CNA class????? Thats more than a whole year at SDSU being a full time student! Oh My! I would rather be a waitress, and wait till I could get into the cheaper CC class. I cant even believe people would pay that, thats like robbery.

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