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can i apply for green card?


Hi all,

I am an international student and graduated from an USA nursing school. I got my BSN, passed the NCLEX exam and got my inital RN license here. I read a lot of information about applying working permits or green card, however, it is so confusing. Is there anyone clarify my questions listed below? Thanks so much.

(1) Is it neccessary for me to take the another exam and visa screening even I got my NCLEX in USA?

(2) I am studying my master degree in an USA university. Can I apply for green card or LPR right now? OR I have to wait to do so until I graduate from the master degree and get my OPT? (IF so, it maybe too difficult for me to wait for the approval of the green care or LPR, right?)

(3) Because i am still studying in a school and in F-1 status, if some clinic wants to hire me now, can I take up the job? Do I need to apply for CPT? Can the employer in the clinic help me to apply for green card or LPR in this peroid?

Thanks so much for any clarification and help.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

You can not apply for Greencard you need a employer to do that for you. If you are on F1 then you can apply for CPT but there are limits so better to talk to your advisor. You can apply for OPT before you qualify but you will still need to find a employer and still need VSC even though you trained in the US.