Can anyone recommend any online programs for a psychiatric NP program?

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I want to get an online MS in nursing and become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Can anyone recommend any good programs?


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I mistakenly posted in the regular "spot" intending a private message. To cut to the chase, I indicated that I had applied to an online NP psych program, but it was very difficult to negotitate. I believe that, in part, that was due to the program being a state school with administrative staff being overloaded.

In the end I knew my own morale would suffer. Even though I was accepted, I declined the invitation. I had corresponded with another student who had a similar problem. I took a summer course (MSN level) at a very well regarded graduate school, but it was not online. Morale was very high and it was contagious. Call me old fashioned, but I think this is the way to go- but- yes time is a factor with the on-site programs.


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Spaniel I PM'd you about the school you are talking about-same school I was thinking of going to. Can you suggest any other online psychiatric master's programs? I PM'd you the other information. Krisssy


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Hi there Krissey- I did PM you ... hopefully the correct way this time. Perhaps I should have added this. If you live near the school and can get to the school to have questions answered, this might make a big difference for this school.

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