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I would like to hear from other camp nurses how they handle staff medications. I had a lot of staff last year that were keeping their own meds, despite our requirement to turn them in. I have read... Read More

  1. by   Kimmercris
    I am an ARNP with many years of experience. Working with kids means that they are unpredictable. Best idea is to keep the kids safe at all times which means staff checks in their meds in the office but can come in and take them by themselves in the office at med times. This may not seem convienent to them but then, "camp is for the campers", not the staff really. Also, staff understand when you explain that it would not be great to explain to a parent how their kid got sick from access to your antidepressants ect...most staff working with kids get this.

    Additionally, staff have problems too. I always have staff and kids parents fill out health questionaires so that if they get sick I can be aware of what is going on. I had 2 staff members get stung by bees this last year and get throat swelling reaction. They got an epipen injection from me a quick physical assessment and a trip to urgent care for prednisone IV. Nuf said? Soo...err on the side of caution. You are legally responsible to know who has what when so be sure to keep all the meds safe--staff members too. You don't have to dole it, they can check it off the list, but it stays out of campers curious hands. K?
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