Help from vets please

  1. Ok I have a few questions: I am very new and just heard about camp nursing and really want to try it.
    1. I have 5 kids, is it realistic to think I can take them all (with scholarships)?
    2. Is it too late in the year to find a position now?

    I will probably have more questions later, thank you ahead of time.

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  3. by   BonnieSc
    It isn't too late to find a job, definitely, but I don't know about five kids... I've never heard of anyone taking that many, but that certainly doesn't mean it's not possible (after all, not many people have that many to take!). Put out some feelers, be up front about it before you put too much time into applications. Check the postings at the Association of Camp Nurses webpage and other listing sites.
  4. by   gratefulnurse
    In Colorado, camps cannot open unless they have qualified health personnel on-site 24/7. I have camp-nursed at three different facilities. One of them came to me and begged me to come! I did go with a 6 week old infant (he stayed with me at all times) and my 3 grade-school daughters were fully scholarshipped by the camp. Usually the terms are stated very specifically, where camp-nursing is done in exchange for 1 scholarship. However the camp will work with you if there is any way you can help them like no one else. Camp nursing has enabled wonderful things for my kids. Now that newborn is 12 years old, and we will be at a prestigious golf camp for 2 weeks, and he will be waived the 2K cost as I will be there.