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  1. Hey y'all!! I'm starting my 5th summer as a Camp Nurse! 3 summers in Maine and 2 in Wyoming.
    It's an ACA accreditation year for us. I have been tasked with working on our protocols/policies/manual for the Infirmary. You know, the "what to do if this happens" kind of stuff that our physician will sign off on. I know some of the basic stuff to write up; fever, cuts, bruises, sore throat, etc. What are some things y'all have run into that would be helpful to have? We are a Ranch Camp specializing in horseback riding and backpacking.
    Also, do y'all have any good sources to help me pull this information together?
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  3. by   Salemer
    Hey farmherRN! What about "when to call parents policy" or "overnight in the infirmary guidelines." I wish we would have had a lice protocol from the health center point of view. You know, when to treat, not to treat, RidX vs. natural products. What about copies of logs you keep (sign in logs, growth hormone administration logs). We had a few broken bones at my camp the past two years as well as the norovirus! Maybe an outline or something written up if you find that more than 50% of your campers are vomiting and what to do. Also, I live in New England and work in the Northeast, maybe add something about ticks/Lyme disease? Just some ideas? Hope this helps. Good Luck! Also- check out ACN (Association of Camp Nurses). I'm a member and there's a lot of good information!
  4. by   Alex Egan
    Here are some standing orders I put together, I don't know if that's what you are looking for.

    Standing Orders — Campfire Nursing

    As far as lice I would recommend a simple, "if infestation with head lice is suspected start treatment one of the nuvo method, and launder bed linins.
  5. by   farmherRN
    Hey Salemer, Great Advice! We do have the majority of that stuff covered. I've been going through and creating general policies for any new nurses in the future of this camp. That will give them a cheat manual and make their life easier.
    It's not fun to pull together stuff for the medical side of protocols. As far as abd pain, fever, vomiting, etc. I'm slowly making it through them though!
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  6. by   farmherRN
    Alex, I actually have those standing orders saved to my computer! Those are a huge help in referencing! We have something put together from the previous years but its about 160 pages and way too in depth for what we do. I'm looking to simplify things. Thanks for your advice!
  7. by   Alex Egan
    I'd love a look at the 160page version. I anyone has protocols they would like to share, I would love reading them!
  8. by   troop742
    Sounds like you have a lot of good ideas. The Basics of Camp Nursing book is a good place to start also. I do have a little comment. Please don't call it "the infirmary", Your focus shouldn't be all on illness but rather on health promotion.
  9. by   TheSquire
    Quote from troop742
    Please don't call it "the infirmary", Your focus shouldn't be all on illness but rather on health promotion.
    Agreed. BSA specifically calls the building/tent the Health Officer works out of the Health Lodge for a reason.
  10. by   nurselisae
    I love that you mentioned the idea of tick diseases..I too work in New England and we do follow the Mass Dept of Health guidelines as to when to treat w a "known" bite or rash/bullseye, but for the great deal of vague symptoms this year that may have been other tick borne diseases, i would love to see a protocol !!
    This summer we had one absolute positive for ehrlichiosis, but I am sure that there were others as this is becoming as prevalent as Lyme