Camp first aid kits for each counselor

  1. Does anyone want me to post the list of things I put in a first aid kit that I give to all my counselors? This is not the required stuff for the state inspections, just what I feel should be included for each counselor. I only have access to the info for a few days then I need to return the binder to camp.
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  3. by   kcangel
    Thanks for the offer but we don't currently use them, not a bad idea though.
  4. by   JentheRN05
    I'd personally love a copy, I have thought about becoming a camp nurse for a while. Haven't made the leap yet. But it would be great to have a guide. Thanks
  5. by   edgwow
    Hello all,
    A few years back, I started making up first aid kits for each of the counselors, this decreased the # of office visists also allowing their counselor to treat less serious things in the field Which may take me up to 10 minutes to get to.
    I pack a 1 gallon size baggie with
    20 bandaids
    10 alcohol wipes
    1 ace bandage
    a pair of scissors, to cut swim bands
    a triangle bandage for bloddy noses, it is a clean piece of material to sop up any type of body secretion
    6 packs of individually wrapped antibiotic cream
    2 "splinter outs"
    2 disposable ice packs
    2 pairs of gloves
    tweezers, to take tics off, we use the plastic forcepts. Some of the equiptment companies have them for as little as .05 each
    snack size baggie with non sterile gauze
    roll of tape
    sandwich size baggie with diaper wipes in it

    As a counselor uses their supplies they are told to get it refilled by the nurse every 3 days or so, so they can treat minor stuff where they are