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  1. Hi, in the past 48 hours, the infirmary at the camp and conference center where I have been a volunteer nurse (over the past 40 years) burned to the ground in a forest fire. We lost other buildings and lodges but all staff and animals are safe. I am hoping to get feedback and resources about building a state of the art infirmary. Thanks to the computer files, we still have all of the extensive inventory lists for all of the first aid kits. I am primarily looking for ideas of the physical structure, storage cupboards, med distribution area, treatment area for wound cleaning, an office space for "paperwork" and ? private space for the nurse. The camp is in the San Diego, CA mountain region of Julian. A full camp is approximately 120 including resident and visiting staff. We run one week residential sessions during the summer. In the past, during non summer sessions, the Infirmary is used as a dorm/lodging for groups, sleeping 24 people. Any suggestions would be quite welcome. Thank you!
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  3. by   BonnieSc
    How sad!

    My suggestions (pretty basic)--space for isolation--perhaps a separate room for counselors--a waiting area for times like busy med hours and first day check-in, where groups can sit and wait--a place where you can lock up files--a separate lockable space for counselor medications--plenty of electric outlets for things like heating pads near the beds--floors that are easy to clean--a cabinet to keep cleaning supplies that's lockable (as required by ACA)--at least one shower with detachable head, useful for treating lice.
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    Thank you, Wendy. These are good suggestions. I have also heard from Linda Erceg, the Executive Director of the Association of Camp Nurses. she has mentioned several of your points too. Susan, St. Aidan's RN