1. Im sorry in advance if this has been posted before but i'm having terrible anxiety about starting my camp position in a few days . My emotions went from being so excited to a what have i gotten into. I don't know if it's being away from home that bothers me or that i only had one other nursing job before this. I took a PALS course and read the basics of camp nursing but i'm still worrying
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  3. by   Alex Egan
    Hay. This is part of the experience trust me. This and the homesickness. You're going to camp too. You will have all the camp feelings the kids have. Are you on your own at camp or FDIC's you have other nurses with you?
  4. by   marsbar37
    Hi Alex thanks for responding! No at this camp there are 14 nurses total 7 for girls 7 for boys. their are 2 doctors on staff all times. i even received a welcome to our camp call from the owner who said there are always 2 nurses on shift and i would never be alone. i guess i'm afraid of looking like a ding dong with my inexperience or being miserable for 2 months
  5. by   Alex Egan
    Don't pretend like you know everything, be upfront about your inexperienced state. All nurses were new once and most will be happy to help. You're not hanging out in the wind all by yourself. It's gonna be tough. New jobs are hard. Moving to a new place is hard. Living with new people is hard. Being away from home is hard. At the end of the summer when you have conquered all these things, you will have the sense of accomplishment that comes from camp.

    Where are you going? I'll be in the Wayne County PA area for a month this summer. If you're nearby there drop me a line. Even if you're not get in touch Camp is at once very social and very isolating for nurses.

    You're gonna be fine.
  6. by   marsbar37
    im going to be in Copake NY . its about an hour from Albany. Truly appreciate the kind words!
  7. by   Alex Egan
    Quote from marsbar37
    im going to be in Copake NY . its about an hour from Albany. Truly appreciate the kind words!
    Well no where near me. Bummer I love meeting other camp nurses. If you need anything drop me a line

    And remember this for the home sick kids. You went through it as well, they like to know adults have the same feels.
  8. by   LikeTheDeadSea
    Remember, we all had a First Summer, too! As Alex said, be honest about what you do and don't know as things arise.

    The nice part is if/when you hit a rough patch of homesickness, there is an end in sight! Week 4 always gets me, but knowing that there's a concrete finish day always makes me feel better.