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I've been an RN for three years, two in adult medical/cardiac ICU. I got my CCRN in adult critical care last fall. I've been accepted to CRNA school (YAY!) and am thinking I'd love to be a camp nurse... Read More

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    I am with the others here...oh brother was I pooped! LOL! But I had a really large ratio of the ol BS complaints simply because I was actually an Outdoor school camp nurse (week course as part of basically school! LOL!). Oh boy I had every complaint under the sun on rain days when the kids didn't want to be outside doing their studies..LOL! It was like "hey lets fake being sick and go to Triage's office...she is better then being out here!"...oh boy!

    But I absolutey loved it once I got use to it..and that did take some time and dedication and LOTS of time managment LOL! I had ranges of patients stemming from nosebleeds (common!), head aches (very common), stomach aches (too too common), to full blown emergencies like asthma attacks (hospitalized almost tubed!), broken bones from falls, febrile seizures r/t infections, and I am the one nurse in my states outdoor school program that actually had a code save! (kitchen an adult).

    The autonomy can't be beat! I loved it!!!!! I didn't have a DON breathing down my neck, was able to make my own clinical judgment (wow, I have forgotten I actually have that since I have to go by strict protocols at my job now), and people actually respected and told me...TOLD ME...I was valuable! And those hugs at the last day...oh those are the biggest joy and thank you a person can get! Made the stress melt right off my shoulders! .

    Sadly I had to do 5/7 days 3 hours away and my family at home was suffering for it, so I had to quit. I still long for the days...and don't discredit me ever going back one day!

    Okay and what were my skills? Paramedic wanna be turned nurse, 1 year out of school with a 9 month stent in med/surge that went very wrong, ADN, and no real experience with peds! I did great because I was loving it...and learned fast...I really think you will do just peachy once you get use to your day in camp and get your routine down !

    Best experience in nursing I have ever had, so very glad I did it!!!!!!!!

    Hello Triage nurse. You sound an awful lot like me. I am 6mos out of nursing school and I work 6mos med-surg. I am now doing flu clinics for an agency part-time, I hate med-surg but need the experience. I love the flu clinics and the independence that I have with no one breathing down my throat and the fact that I am not killing my body is another great aspect of flu clinics.
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    I too, find it fascinating to be camping with the international counselors. Many from England, at my camp. My 5 yr old just couldn't get enough of their accents!! I noticed that they are really freaked out by bug bites- we had a lot this year. They said they really don't get a lot of bug bites there.
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    How was your summer? Haven't heard much from anyone about last season!

    I was at a Girl Scout camp--happily, not much happened. A couple of sprained ankles, and a couple of psych emergencies/incidents. I've definitely been lucky in my three years there.
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    Quote from Wendy79
    I was at a Girl Scout camp--happily, not much happened. A couple of sprained ankles, and a couple of psych emergencies/incidents. I've definitely been lucky in my three years there.
    I was at a girl scout camp too. Only for a week. Absolutely boring compared to last year- a lot less volume, and a lot less kids on routine meds. There were about 50 fewer girls this year, and not as many complainers. We did have a lice scare, and a pink eye that had to go home. And one known asthmatic who ended up with a whopping sinus infection- spent more time in my office than at activities.:chuckle All in all not bad, my daughter had fun, so it was worth it.