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So I'm sure this has been asked at nausea, but I feel there is so much information out there that it's just easier to ask and see what people have to say. So, I am a CTICU nurse (2 years), with a history of Surgical/Trauma ICU and MICU (2 years), and looking into advance practice. I always wanted to do CRNA, but I never felt I was overly competitive from a numbers standpoint, but the more I've researched it the more I feel maybe I am actually competitive. Now, that said I understand that it is a very individual basis and really the advice I am looking for is whether beefing up my GPA/sGPA is more beneficial or if I should beef up the other parts of my application. So, without further ado here is the tale of the tape...



So, I have 4 1/2 years of nursing experience. I work currently in a Level I University Hospital in their CTICU and have been here for 2 years. Prior to that I was a MICU/STICU float at a level II teaching hospital, and prior to that I was a cardiac stepdown nurse for 6 months. In that time I have obtained my CCRN, TNCC, CSC, and CMC. I was part of the code committee and skin committee in my old facility, and I am skin committee at the current facility I am at. Additionally, at my last facility I trained the nurses on ultrasound IV insertion. 



So for academics I wasn't a terrible student, but I also was a late bloomer in terms of even going back to school. I actually quit school in the 8th grade and went back at 22 years old and got my GED and went straight into the nursing program. There I obtained a 3.245 GPA in my ADN, and I feel redoing my Microbiology (I got a C+) would assist me in increasing that, all my other sciences I got all B's in. Though, for my BSN I got a 3.72 GPA and I feel here I would benefit from redoing my statistics course that I got a B in, mostly because it was 4 assignments and I took a 0 on the first one due to not understanding the software, after that I got all 100's. Therefore, that would be an easy fix. All told, my cumulative GPA would be around 3.43 (3.46 if we take the last 60 credits), and my sciences are around a 3.4 GPA. I also feel that maybe doing a Chem I & II, and Organic Chemistry course would be beneficial to boost my sGPA, and cumulative. 



So, in terms of volunteer work I would say the only thing I could put on paper would be assisting at the volunteer fire department. This has been a great time to just do something different, and help the community. Other than that, I am always open to ideas. This could be an area of my resume that could use a boost. 


So, like I previously stated I have a current CCRN, CSC, CMC, and TNCC certification. I am also a member of the AACN, and do alot of extra CE's, NTI every year, etc. 


So, for my letters of recommendation I have the dean of my nursing school who will write me one, I have a charge nurse on my current unit who will write me one (she is headed to CRNA school actually), and my current nurse manager as well. I also have medical residents and attending who will write me one if necessary. I can shadow a CRNA at my hospital at any time, and feel I will be doing this all Winter long, so I will have that going for me as well.  


So, in conclusion I guess my question is what needs beefing up? I would like to take the Winter to beef up my applications and send them out to the top 10-15 schools of my choosing. I just want to be as prepared as possible on paper, so I can show them what I can do in the interview. I figure who better to ask than the nurses who have already been there! So, what things could I do to make me more "competitive", or even just things that help boost the overall appeal of the application. Thank you in advance.

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Hi there! It sounds like you're a pretty strong candidate overall!

You may want to consider starting with a few less schools, then branching out from there if you don't get interview invites (though it seems like there's a strong chance you would!) You'll find as you're working on the applications that they're very intensive, which is the reason for my suggestion. You can't just write one personal statement and use it for all schools, etc 😉

We've seen students with a lower GPA than yours get accepted, and we've seen students with a 4.0 NOT get acceptance. Many programs are starting to look holistically at applicants, so things like your volunteer experience shouldn't be swept under the rug!

If you can get leadership experience, that will help. 

Of course, our Academy is designed to help students find their unique ways to stand out both in the application and interview process, so we'd love to see you inside when you're ready! 

In the meantime, you may find some good insights from this 8 Steps to CRNA Guide: 

Also, getting shadowing experience will be crucial too. 

Hope this helps-- cheering you on!! 


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