Calling all Nursing Leaders to help out a student!!

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Thanks for stopping in!! I have a few questions :rolleyes: for nursing leaders?!

1. What is your title?

2. What is your role?

3. What do you think are attributes of a nursing leader?

4. Who is a nursing leader?

5. Any advice for a "budding" leader?? :balloons: 106 days left!!

Thank you again for your input! You guys are the BEST!

Jen :)


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1. what is your title? 2. what is your role? 3. what do you think are attributes of a nursing leader? 4. who is a nursing leader?5. any advice for a "budding" leader??

1. rn cniii

2. er staff nurse. i believe that staff nurses are the true leaders of today as they are in such demand and they have the ability to influence others to stay in nursing and also to become a nurse through their example on the "front lines" of health care every day.

3. professionalism, committment, integrity, willing to stand up for patients and colleagues. ability to motivate and lead by example not just words. ability to see that special something in each nurse that maybe no one else sees..........and helping that nurse be the best she/he can be.

4. we all are in many ways that we probably don't even realize. we are capable of greatness if we are willing to rise to the challenge rather than just follow the crowd.

5. believe in the possibilities and don't lower your standards just to belong to a group. always remember to treat others with respect and help each person you come in contact with be the best they can be. be very proud of being a nurse and know that you can do anything if you put your mind and heart into it.

good luck always :melody:

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