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I am going to be starting a FNP program through Herzing University in January and we are in charge of finding all of our own preceptors. I am having a very hard time finding NP's who are willing to take this on and I need at least 3 of my rotations to be filled by NP's. I have had no problem lining up MD's/DO's who are willing to take on the rest. They are flexible in what rotations they take so I am trying to see what I can get NP's to commit to first.

I need the following rotations: Advanced Health Assessment, Pharmacotheraputics, Women/infant health, Children/Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric

Any of these could be done in a family practice clinic or in a clinic that specializes in the specific area.

I have to have all of these set up before the program starts in January or I do not start.

Just a little background on me: I have been an RN for 6 years and have spent that time working in outpatient hemodialysis. I work in an urban clinic where we see patients with multiple comorbidities. Our nephrologists are basically these patients PCPs so I end up getting plenty of exposure to conditions outside of ESRD.

After working as an RN for 6 years, I realized I could do so much more for my patients and have decided to return to school. I am so excited to have the opportunity to better the lives of the patients I care for, but I need help getting there.

If anyone is willing to talk to me about this or knows someone who might, please contact me.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Hi nurse nessa,

Try planned parenthood. I also am considering going to herzing and I am excited. Ive waited too long for this. I work in a hospital though. Hope you get to find preceptors in your area. God bless!

Hi there,

Maybe you have already done this, but I would draft a similar type letter to all the NP's in your area and then follow up with a phone call and meeting. I have also heard that some preceptors want to be compensated for this duty. Some may not like this idea but it may open some doors and get you where you need to be. Good luck...I'm looking into the program too so keep us all posted and thank you!

By the way, I heard the program requires a ton of papers. How are you handling that?

Specializes in Nephrology.

Nurse tin and nomadrn,

I am still having trouble finding preceptors, but I'm not giving up! As for papers....yes there are a ton, but I'm keeping up okay while still working full time. Did either of you end up going with Herzing?

I was interested in applying for the Herzing FNP program but I have read some really bad reviews. I was wondering about anyone in the program and how they felt about it? Thanks for the input!!

Finding your own preceptors can be a big problem, and schools that make you do this should be shut down. It's very unprofessional of them. How many medical schools tell their students to go find their own clinical rotations? None. That's because they are very professional. I wish the nursing profession were just as professional, but people keep paying these schools $$$ making these schools very happy. It just makes me mad at the whole profession.

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