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Calling all New Grad NPs in Boston!

Alright, let's talk!

I'm interested in what the starting rate is these days for a new graduate Adult NP in an outpatient setting in Boston (primary care, *not* acute care). I've looked on the survey and job sites and keep finding anywhere between 75K--100K, which really isn't very helpful. I heard that one city hospital starts new NPs out at $34/hr, which seems ridiculous, considering one would make that much as a floor nurse. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what did you end up actually getting paid?

Do you think the pay rate differs amongst Direct Entry NP students and NPs who worked has nurses prior? In case you're wondering, I'm in the latter camp.

Boston-RN, RN

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I have heard as a new NP in non-acute it is roughly the same pay as an experienced speciality RN. One of the RN's that works w/me in the ED works mostly as an RN because of the pay. I think in acute care it's higher pay (worse shifts)


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I'm a few years out now, but starting out as a new grad in a nonprofit community practice I was offered just under $70K. A couple years later, a new job offer in private IM practice was about $79K. My impression is that primary care practices offer salaries on the lower end of the spectrum you listed, and for the higher end I would guess you'd be working a) in a specialty practice, or b) in an urgent care clinic with a ton of volume. Just a guess, though. Good luck!

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I started one year ago as a Direct Entry grad in a community health center. Salary was in the upper $70s. I interviewed for other positions in private practice that ranged from $84K to $90K.


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