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OK, Heather, Shay, SuzieK, HazeK and the rest... I'm counting on you. Need to prepare a short presentation for my ADN students on LABOR SUPPORT... i.e., breathing, massage, effleurage, etc. Do you know any good sources offhand? Any web sites that you would recommend. Thanks in advance!!!:kiss


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I ran across this site the other day. It may prove helpful.


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try doulas of north america try penny simpkin's book the birth partner, i think it's called. good luck! we are having someone come and present this topic for a full day for our unit in november.


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Vicki, I don't know if this will work for you or not, but when I was in my ADN program we had to attend a childbirth ed class. Might be a helpful addition to what you've already planned.

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