Calling all DON/Administrators of Home Health Agency


Good Morning,

My husband and I recently started an home health agency and are in the process of being survey. I was wondering if there are tips, words of wisdom, encouragement.

I have combined 17yr of experience as both a staff nurse and management in the hospital, but I'm it is starting to get overwhelming. I'm stunned by the amount of paperwork, writing, follow-up, tracking down physicians, rules/regulations, etc. I thought management in the hospital was difficult but this is really challenging. I know it is partially due to the amount of materials I've had to learn with the past year and because it is my business.

I was also looking for advice on how you stay organize, any monitoring tools/aids that help you stay on top of deadline. For example, how do you track upcoming recertifications, orders that require signature, meetings, or performance improvement projects or reports. As stated earlier, my past nursing experiences have been in the hospital setting, this is new to me.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

PS- Any one knows of a post fall assessment form or website that offers free patient fall education pamphlet



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I can't wait to read this thread, I need help orgainzing too! I didn't check so if this is redundant sorry..but did you post under the LTC DON's/ADON's category. LTC's medicare/caide are the royalty of paperwork.



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I'm a new DON at a home health care agency. I'm learning all the rules and regs myself. I've been in home health as long as I've been a nurse though. What state are you in?

The survey process is very nerve wracking. No way around that. Our agency uses microsoft access for a database. In the database we track dates and then can run reports when needed to see what is upcoming.

A lot depends upon in which state you operate. Your state should have regs. I'm in Wisconsin, we have G-tags that are basically the things that the surveyor will look for when they come.



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I'm in texas and still waiting any day now for a surveyor from the state.

Is there anything I usually be doing in preparation for the visit.

I've read, re-read the CMS condition of participations and Texas regulations. But I still feel extremely anxious and scare considering some of the horror stories I've heard about home health surveyors.

Does your agency provide homemaker services? If so, is the hha or cnt required to obtain vital signs (every visit) on a patient that's only recieving homemaker(light housekeeping, laundry, cooking, etc).

Is a treatment plan, plan of care, or 485 required on a patient that is not getting skilled services?

Lastly, any information on Quality Assurance Performance Improvement(QAPI) such as document format, indicators, worksheet tools. I've done research on QAPI, have a list of possible indicators but I've clueless as to the next step. Because we are a new, start-up agency, cash flow including revenue is tight:mad:. I've been providing free care to patients for the past 6 months. Any tips, suggestions, documents or sample you want to share are truly appreciated.