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Your call is needed to get Whistle-Blower Protection passed into Federal Law!

The McCain-Kennedy-Edwards patients' bill of rights, including patient advocacy/whistleblower protections for nurses, passed the U.S. Senate by a vote of 59-36 on Friday, June 29. The House of Representatives will consider patients' rights legislation in the coming weeks. Now is the time to contact your

U.S. Representative to urge support for the bipartisan Ganske-Norwood-Dingell companion bill, H.R. 526, with no weakening amendments.......

Calls to your Congressman's Washington or local office are needed; you can also ask for information on any town-hall meetings that may be scheduled. Your Representative may be reached through the DC Capitol switchboard......

It is especially important to contact Republicans who supported Norwood-Dingell in 1999. They are under great pressure from the Bush Administration to support a weaker alternative bill. You should also contact your Representatives who are new to Congress this year. Their support of this bipartisan initiative this year could make strong patients' rights a reality..........

Sample Statement for your call:

"As a Registered Nurse, I urge you to support enactment of strong comprehensive, and enforceable patient protections embodied by the bipartisan Ganske-Dingell-Norwood legislation, H.R. 526. Please support this bill without weakening amendments. The final bill must include the whistleblower/patient advocacy provision that protects nurses and other health care professionals from retaliation when they advocate for their patients.

Patient advocacy is the cornerstone of my profession, and this provision is carefully crafted to allow me to exercise my ethical responsibility to my patients in institutional settings."


To Find your Congressman:

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