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Share your insights in the HIMSS journal

HIMSS announces a call for papers for the Fall 2002 edition of

the Journal of Healthcare Information Management, edited by

Richard Lang, Ed.D. The Journal is seeking papers for the focus

section of the journal and also papers on topics of general

interest to the field.

The focus section is on the next generation of clinical decision

support systems and their contribution to healthcare. Papers may

be case studies or research reports. Possible topics include data

warehouse/repositories - business intelligence; systems providing

clinical alerts, reminders, conflict checking, etc; expert systems;

knowledge management; Web-based patient record management; voice recognition; wireless/bedside applications; IDS/IHE applications; and data and information integration projects.

Manuscripts on topics not related to the focus section are also

encouraged. Topics of general interest might include system

integration, strategic planning, careers, and leadership in

healthcare IT.

The deadline for abstracts is March 1, 2002. The deadline for

manuscripts is May 1, 2002. For details, request a copy of HIMSS'

Writer's Guidelines from Tarsis Lopez, HIMSS Corporate

Communications Specialist, 312-915-9237, [email protected].


Twelfth Annual Summer Institute in Nursing


July 24-27, 2002

"Informatics at the Crossroads: Transforming


University of Maryland School of Nursing

Baltimore, MD

Announcing a call for papers and posters for the 12th Annual

Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics

( which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, July 24-27, 2002. This years theme "Informatics at the Crossroads: Transforming Healthcare" is reflective of the critical juncture

where true integration of informatics into mainstream healthcare is occurring. No longer can informatics be viewed as a "nice to have" adjunct - in reality, healthcare requires a foundation of informatics in order to survive and thrive.

We live in challenging times - the privacy and confidentiality of electronic health information, bioterrorism, the human genome, patient safety, and the three "E"s (Efficiency, Effectiveness and Evidence) - all point to the foundation of information systems in healthcare. Informatics stands at the crossroads - as the engine that has the power to transform healthcare.

The informatics engine needs skilled professionals to build, manage and manipulate this power. This is why we invite you to join us for this exciting event and to share your experiences, your research and your ideas with a diverse group of informaticians, practitioners, and administrators. You will have not only the opportunity to share your work with others, but also to learn from national and international invited experts over the

course of the conference.

You are invited to participate in one of 4 ways:

* As a conference attendee

* As a paper presenter

* As a poster presenter

* As an exhibitor

Refereed *paper* presentations will be 25 minutes in length, and will be held in concurrent sessions.

The *poster* session will be held during a hosted lunch break of 2 hours on Friday, July 26. Poster working space will be 4 X 6 free standing corkboards only.

Exhibitions will be held on Thursday, July 25, 2002 in the evening during a hosted dinner from 5-8 pm. Exhibitors may contact Pat Delorenzo at:

[email protected] for information or visit Exhibitors Information Webpage at:

Conference attendee's can expect to interact with and learn from National and International experts in NI throughout the conference.

How to Submit an Abstract

* Deadline for submission is March 15, 2002

* For additional details on submitting an abstract and other

requirements, visit our webpage:

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