California---which on line MSN programs are recognized & respected in CA?

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Thank you in advance for your help.

I have an RNP certificate. I am looking at doing a program on line to get a masters since in 2008, a masters will be the standard in CA, due to a new law.

I am tired of school and want to take the most direct route, but I want to do a program that is respected and acknowledged.

U of Phoenix states they are accredited through the NLN. Is this correct? Is U of P a good program?

What are your thoughts?

Thank you much.



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Univ of Phoenix is NLN accredited but will break your wallet right in half. According to Dr. Carol Huston, California State University, Chico will be starting an online MSN program very soon, as early as this year if I heard correctly. CSU Chico is way cheaper than UoP and in my humble opinion would look better on a resume.

I'm completing my BSN at Chico at a quarter of the cost it would have cost me at UoP.

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I can't speak to the program at Chico, but I did the BSN and now the MSN online at University of Phoenix. It is fully accredited and accepted throughout the US. Good luck.


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I am doing the online MSN program through BSU in Indiana. The school is accredited by the NLN and the tuition is more affordable than UOP. Check it out at

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