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California RN License


Hi Everyone!

So I'm in a dilemma. I took my NCLEX-RN on Friday at 0800 and have not received my results yet. I have a possible job offer with a hospital; however, they told me my license needs to post by the end of the week in order for me to accept a position. I've tried speaking with people at the BRN and they just brushed me off. I contacted someone at the DCA and they told me that I did pass (although they are not supposed to tell me), but they cannot help expedite my results since they do not work at the BRN. I was wondering what other people's experiences were with their license posting on Breeze and if anyone has a contact at the BRN in order for me to get my results faster. I really do not want to lose this job opportunity because it is at an amazing hospital, but I feel really stuck now because the BRN is so unhelpful :(


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Stay in touch with the place with the offer. You have no control over when results post, but harassing the BRN won't help. As long as they have everything they need, results will post soon. Mine posted within 48 hours (tested Wednesday, posted Friday AM).