Yeah....I finished nursing school

  1. hello all-

    I just wanted to update you guys, my nursing family that:

    Today I finished my finals, and I passed everything........YEAH! After my last final today at 3pm, I started yelling with JOY outside of the classroom while people were still taking the test...but I just had to let it out. I never thought this day would get here.

    By the way, I made 2-A's and 2-B's, totalling 15 credits

    I have my pinning ceremony, two weeks from today and graduation the day after.

    Now here comes the big part.....passing the NCLEX-RN...I never thought this day would get here. Got a job that I need to start on June 11th, amd hoping to pass the NCLEX before I start.

    Anyone in Southern Orange county that needs a study buddy for the NCLEX exam, I am here.

    Thank you all for your assistance. Nursing school down and NCLEX to go.
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