Working while in School

  1. My dilemma is the fact that I have to work but trying to find the right ADN or BSN to take.

    I have Pre-Reqs, a Bachelor in another field. All I need is the TEAS Exam, Human Lifespan and Chemistry for programs that require it because not all schools do.

    I would like to work while schooling but something like Uber and Lyft type work.

    Has anyone been through school while working and was successful? I am looking here in Southern California and in Sacramento.

    I would love some advice on that area or hear others experience.

    Thanks so much.
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  3. by   barcode120x
    I'd say maybe about half of my class of 60 students worked somewhere whether it was being a CNA, working at Starbucks, etc. It's definitely manageable as long as you have good time management. When school starts, school should be #1 over your job (or why else would you be there). I've had some friends that HAD to work as well because they were the sole money maker, but eventually quit working because it affected their schooling and pulled out a lone to cover the temporary costs. Actually, a couple students pulled out loans to cover basic home/personal needs while in school. They were small loans because an ADN program is fairly manageable price wise compared to a BSN.

    While in school,I worked 2, 8-hour night shifts per week while in school and it was totally manageable. Of course I didn't have a social life, who did during nursing school, haha. Well, I guess our social life was hanging out together with fellow classmates at Starbucks or Panera Bread during our study group breaks. One of my classmates which I admire and have much respect for worked full time as a psych tech, had a family with 2 kids, was the sole breadwinner, and was in the program and passed with flying colors. Though, he looked dead every time he came to school and clinical. So in the end, it is manageable, but you need to make sure nursing school is #1 over your job.
  4. by   outriton
    I did a 14-month ABSN program and worked two part-time jobs totaling about 30 hrs/wk throughout the entire program. It was hard and required a lot of discipline and planning, but I got it done without ever finishing below a 91% in any class.

    My advice is to get things done early! Look at your syllabi on the first day and complete assignments that can be done at any time early on before all the tests and clinicals and other homework pile up. That group project that's due at the end of the semester where you research and write up a disease or med or famous figure in nursing history? Why not do that now instead of when you need to study for finals?

    Finding a focused study group helps a lot too. They may not be super fun people you want to hang out with outside of school, but that's a good thing because it'll keep you on track instead of planning your weekend! My best move was partnering up with the moms in my class because they kept such tight schedules. "We're meeting at the library at X time. I will have Y hours to complete these 3 assignments before I have to pick my kids up." Perfect for the working nursing student!
  5. by   SAjala16
    You are so right. Luckily my kids are adult. My youngest will be 18 next week and she will be fine so I can spend more time on my studies. I am planning to be in the UCLA MECN fall 2018. I look forward to it.

    I am quiting my current job to get some classes done and get my CNA Cert back under my belt. I also have Uber, Lyft and Amazon Flex I can work with my Post 9/11 GI Bill. I will be able to focus on school.