Which Hospital for New Grad RN Program?

  1. Hi All!

    I am currently looking into a new grad rn program within the los angeles area. I would like to ask your opinion/advice re the "recommended hospital" in terms of experience and pay combined. I have gotten quotes ranging from $23-$28.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   izzymo
    i am looking for the same thing. which hospital is offering $28?
  4. by   redicedtea
    izzymo, ill send you a PM..
  5. by   okikuma
    ucla is constantly hiring new grads (adn rns) for the new grad program. they also actively sponsor and hire many rns from outside the usa. there's no pay difference for an adn or bsn. all new grad hires start as cn1 (at $28.00 per hour). after six months, one becomes a cn2 (at $29.90 per hour).

    as a new grad, one will receive the best of training and experience, because the patients who come to ucla are the most ill. ucla takes patients that other hospitals can't take, or give up on (that's why ucla is listed as best hospital west of the mississippi).

    after 2 or 3 years, many of those new grad hires then move on to other hospitals within the los angeles area at a much higher hourly rate than their peers with the same years of experience. this is because when the hiring person finds out that one has worked as a ucla nurse, they will offer higher pay for that ucla experience. then ucla looks for more new grads to fill the void.

    if you want to look at ucla job listings:

  6. by   Suninmyheart
    Hmmm.... how about UCSD? I am moving to San Diego this June then taking NCLEX. Is the new grad hiring climate open there? or is it pretty competitive?
  7. by   mistyone1
    I got this info from one of nurse in this website. it's excellent. Go to the website for San Jose State University School of Nursing. They have a page there that lists new grad programs. there are a lot of new grad programs in so. california.
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  8. by   mistyone1
    For new grad programs, how many hours do we need to go? Is it from Monday to Friday?