1. hello...i just got my ca nursing license..what are the other requirements to get a job in Califonia???i graduated in philippines..and had my hospital volunteer exp for 2 years.but then i have no hospital experience since 2011..can somebody give me lists of web site where i can hunt a job?i am currently living here in washington state as permanent immigrant .any advice?thank you so much..
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  3. by   somenurse
    Re: requirements to get a job in CA, if you have your CA nursing license, that is about it,
    each and every facility
    each and every job
    might have various other requirements as well, such as certificates, or experience in that specific field, etc. So, you'd have to contact that facility, or read over the want ad carefully to see what all qualifications THAT specific employer is looking for.

    For nursing jobs in California,
    you can either search state wide: http://bit.ly/V5Ugmb

    or you can narrow your search to a specific city.

    you can narrow your search, by searching for a specific type of nursing job, but only in a specific city in California, too:


    good luck!!
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  4. by   rhony_286
    thank you so much for the info
  5. by   Dar1954
    I am living in San Diego, CA and would love to find another job in a different state. My experience is not all that great, and we know what that means, but I do have 16 months in hospice.
    It is incredibly difficult to find a RN job in San Diego and besides that I would love to move elsewhere.. That being said, is there an agency that places nurses out of state? Any suggestions?
    Thanks! D
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