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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am currently an emt working in los angeles county trying to get a second opinon. I have been tryig to get into my local cc nursing program but with the influx of every one going back to school in the past few years wait list have doubled. I've been noticing a horrible occurance that classes fill up almost instatly including waitlists. On my time off i was browsing other cc schools and came across West Coast University which pretty muck seems to be a commercial school. I have had a bad experience before with one of these schools in a unrelated field years ago (westwood). My question is has any one heard of anyone going and passing and actually finding a job. Do hospitals even consider graduates from these schools? Any help would be awesome.
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  3. by   BeesMama
    I have an acquaintance that just finished their BSN from West Coast. I have heard and read that the education isn't worth the cost to go there. But if you only need a few classes, that it might be worth it. I am not sure of the reputation though. But if the school is accredited and recognized by the CA BON I would assume it is at least OK.
  4. by   Tonks57
    I am a student at WCU in OC and I really like it. I am in my 3rd core term and it is SO hard. I mean, beyond stressful. Exams every week, clinicals, care plans, med math exams, ATI's, skills competency validations, 5 hour lectures, SIMS labs, community service. But I do not ever have to fight to get classes and I have had some really good professors. Some are not so great, but that is at any school.