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    I'm planning to apply to this school. I already completed a B.S in Biology and planing to apply for the BSN program this summer. Anyone graduated or graduating ? If so , any advice will be appreciated. I've completed all the pre-req before applying. Did you have to pay monthly payments to the school every month ? Thanks !!
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  3. by   Jdj595
    Hi I saw your message but the site will not allow me to reply. I attended Miami campus and it was a great experience. Tuition is less in Miami because income is less. So I was able to cover costs of tuition with my federal grants, loans and a school scholarship I won. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    This site won't let me private message. Well, nursing school is hard and there will be disgruntled students. Usually students who fail become disgruntled. You will need to study hard. Nursing is not for everyone which is why some cannot make it through the program. The people I met from the LA campus had no complaints. They all graduated fine. So if you're ready to study hard and you're dedicated to doing this, I think you'll be fine.
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    A tip my dean gave me was to use a study schedule. Today study fundamentals, tomorrow study intro to professional nursing, the next day study fundamentals, and so on. That really helped me to juggle everything.
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    Thank you so much . I appreciate the help. I'm going to work my ass off lol