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    Did anyone tried to go to California BRN office recently to follow up?? Do they entertain walk ins to follow up the application? Also I could not personally go their and my husband will act on my behalf is that possible?? Did anyone experienced this before? I hope someone can share their experiences with me. I am very desperate now.I have my application since Febuary and upto now im still waiting! My evaluator hardly updates me regarding the status of my application. No replies to emails and calls that makes it even more frustrating. We are living in Arkansas so we are really far from Sacramento so we need to make sure that they do entertatin walk ins.. i hope you can help me by sharing your experiences or if you have any idea. Thankyou all.
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    I don't know about walkins, but if your husband is nearby, it's worth a shot. Some people have reported success in contacting the California Nurses Association or American Nurses Association California to get help.
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    Also, have you checked BREEZE? What does it say?
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    Hi how can i contact the california nurses association american nurses in california? Anyway we both live in arkansas. It will really cost us including irfare and accomodation. We could not afford to all fly to california with our daughter. So he we decided that he will just go and follow up on my behalf.
  6. by   Jessarica
    Thankyou for your reply. Since May 1 my breeze account aonly shows cancelled. I dont know why. Ive been trying to seek help but no one could help me. Tht is why I am just trying to call the board everytym inask for update. Most of the time they will only transfer my call to my analyst but it will only automatically go to a voicemail. I am very desperate now. I submitted my application febuary. I resubmitted several docs As they said they did not receive them. Had toresubmit 3 fingerprint cards. 1st rejected to poor quality. 2nd result were not save due to system error. I feel so hopeless now as my analyst does not get back to my emails.
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    You can google the nursing associations I mentioned.

    If your application is cancelled, you have to start over again. I suggest you get all your docs together and resubmit them in hard copy via Priority Mail so you can get a delivery receipt. You will also have to have your schools resend your transcripts and so forth. Good luck.
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    Also, I wrote an article about this and it is under
    US - California
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    I believe even if the breeze account shows cancelled they have my file because evertym i ring the board they can see my file.
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    I will check it. Thank you
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    I am also curious I would like to hand deliver my application.
  12. by   outriton
    I went through the endorsement ordeal last year before moving to Sacramento, where I have family. Here are my in-person experiences with the BRN:

    1) I applied before the online application, so my cousin was able to hand deliver my completed application to the BRN office. (I was paranoid about it being lost in the mail or in some pile of other mailed in applications.)

    2) I went on a pre-move trip to scout things out and dropped by the BRN office to ask about my application status saying "missing education." The person at the window explained that that usually means your transcripts just haven't been reviewed by a human yet to verify that all the required coursework has been completed. I pressed her on the issue about whether it could mean that there were missing transcripts, so she pulled my file and was able to verify that my nursing school was incorrect when they told me they would be able to print a transcript for me that had pre-reqs from other schools and the grades listed.

    3) I have never taken a public speaking/speech/communications class and was worried about fulfilling the communication pre-req for CA. My husband had already moved by that time, so he hand delivered a letter from my university explaining what they call "humanities" is the equivalent of freshman comp and a letter from me stating explaining what other classes I've taken that I think would fulfill the communication requirement (linguistics, literature, research, student teaching, etc.) and course descriptions for those.

    He also had a signed letter from me stating his name, our relationship, and that he had my permission to be given information regarding my application. I photocopied my driver's license onto the letter for good measure. With this letter, he was able to check the status of my application with the woman at the BRN office window while dropping off my communication pre-req information.

    By the way, the only real success I had was contacting the state senator and the state assemblymember for the district where my husband had already moved and I was trying to move to. Their offices contacted the BRN on behalf of their constituents (my husband and soon-to-be me) to get things straightened out. I arrived at the end of summer 2016, just in time to vote for and help re-elect the state assemblymember whose office helped me.

    I did contact CNA was told that license endorsement issues with the BRN was not under their purview.