Waiting to hear from CSU East Bay?

  1. I have my application in (even though there seems to be a glitch that prevents CSU from admiting me into the college due to changes with Peoplesoft software).

    Want to share the wait with me? I really want to get into the Concord program. I already have a seat I'm holding at SMC ELMS-Case Mgmt; a wonderful program but it's just too expensive.

    Understand that CSU offer letters don't go out until mid May. Wanted to start a post for anyone else waiting out there so we can alert each other to any early acceptance letters.

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  3. by   LUXOR21
    I am impatiently waiting for an acceptance letter from Holy Family (PA). They have rolling admissions so any day now. Let's give eachother support. Honestly, the wait is killing me!
  4. by   paganoid
    I'm waiting to see if I got accepted to the program. I too am hoping to be admitted to the Concord cohort. Are you planning to take Pathophysiology over the Summer? I'm going to apply at either Moorpark or SBCC. I've already completed Nutrition so I won't have to attend classes on Monday and Wednesday this Fall. That way I can keep my job through the end of the year and perhaps beyond.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    I got in! So did "Paganoid" (he's my study buddy).

    Also heard good news from another study buddy from DVC. All mature/dedicated students. Looking forward to having them as my cohorts in the Concord program.

    I Lost the contact info of the person I was talking too off line--but want to hear if you got good news via email on May 1st. Let me know
  6. by   vicky3269
    Congrats Bertolozzi! That is great! My friend just called me to tell me she got into Cal State East Bay as well! I am waiting to hear if I got into Chabot's ADN program. Good luck!

    Vicky :spin:
  7. by   Testa Rosa, RN

    Heard Chabot sent out acceptances--did you hear yet? Also, did your friend get into the CSU Hayward or Concord program?
    I just found out today I was placed in the Concord program.....Yeay!

    Good Luck!
  8. by   vicky3269
    Hi Bertolozzi! How did you hear they sent out their acceptance letters??? I have been RUSHING HOME every day from work to check the mail, and NOTHING! I finally called the nursing department Friday but all I got was a message saying that as of May 4th, the lottery had not been picked yet, and notifications would go out by May 31st. Please, please, please tell me how you found out they went out!!!

    Now I am so worried, because I have not received ANYTHING!

    Congrats on getting into the Concord program! That is great! My friend Laura didn't say anything about Concord, so I am assuming she is in the Hayward campus program. I'll double check with her though.


    Vicky :uhoh21:
  9. by   Testa Rosa, RN

    I suspect my aqaintance misrepresented; or more probably, I misunderstood.

    We volunteer together and some of our covolunteers had a little cake party for those of us who got into nursing school. I knew she only applied to CSUEB, CSUSF and Chabot. She didn't get into the CSU's....so I assumed she got into Chabot.

    Or, she could've just been going along with the celebration and not wanting to correct wrong assumptions...not wanting to rain on the parade...which I suspect is the truth.

    So sorry to cause you grief. I know first hand how hard this wait is. Keep the Faith.

  10. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    Hello CSU East Bay students out there who have been PMing me

    ....I wanted you to know not to bother with CPR/First Aid certification this summer as CSU East Bay wants all incoming cohorts to take the CPR/First Aid Certification course they will be signing you up for at the still to be announced orientation (making it real hard to make vacation plans for my family).

    So, no matter what pervious certs you may already have, you will be required to take their course....which sucks as I just earned my certs this Spring Semester in a 3 unit course that I didn't have to take....unless I wanted to be halfway towards earning an EMT I certificate.
  11. by   Roberta88
    Oh wow, that's good to know. I was just thinking I had to sign up for a CPR class.