Ventura college nursing spring 2019

  1. Hi anyone out there applying to the nursing program at VC for spring 2019.
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  3. by   Marlisac
    I am!!
  4. by   AGutierrez1
    Good luck. Have you gone to turn in your application. How are you studying for the teas exam.
  5. by   Marlisac
    I turn in my application next week
    And took my TEAS test on February already.... good luck to you too!
  6. by   AGutierrez1
    How did you study for the teas.
  7. by   Marlisac
    I ordered a practice book off of amazon for like $8. Didn't really make it through the whole book but took the practice test at the end and ended up scoring close to that. It gives you an idea of what types of questions are asked.
  8. by   Cna_lvn
    I applied for spring 2019 also
  9. by   AGutierrez1
    Have you taken the teas test yet?
  10. by   Kpark0307
    Hi, I applied and took the TEAS at the end if September. Do you know when they will start calling people regarding whether or not they got accepted?
  11. by   AGutierrez1
    Yes I called and was told that we should be finding out in the beginning to mid November. I am so nervous. But, good luck to you. I hope you get in.
  12. by   AGutierrez1
    Hi Kpark0307,
    Do you feel comfortable with your total points? If you don't mind me asking?
  13. by   Cna_lvn
    I took the TEAS in August. Im not confident in my point total so Im expecting to be on the waiting list for a couple of semesters unless I get accepted randomly. wow.. November? that feels so far away. Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   AGutierrez1
    Yeah I'm worried too. The teas score didn't give me much points. And the wait is so long.