United States University, San Diego Brick and Mortar School

  1. I've been researching United States University for the RN-BSN and I like it because it is a brick and mortar school that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I don't do so well with online classes so this school really meets my needs. Plus I would hate to have to take Statistics! LOL U.S. University doesn't require a stats course. It cost $250/unit and I can afford to pay for that. (I'm comparing it to NU and UoP so this is way cheaper) Classes are every 8 weeks and I can start at anytime. Also, they are WASC accredited so the classes I take can transfer anywhere.

    I just had my transcripts evaluated for the RN-BSN program at no cost and was really pleased to see that they accepted all my credits for the lower division courses. They require that you take the four nursing pre-requisites (12 units) the nursing core courses (30 units) and the required program electives (9 units) then lastly, do a portfolio (1 unit)

    For me, I really want a brick and mortar school. It's easier for me to learn that way. The University has been around since 1998 but they started their nursing program two years ago. The admissions counselor said they are moving to Chula Vista to a brand new building in May.

    They have an ELMSN program too and that costs more than the RN-BSN.

    Anyone attending U.S. University and can relate their experience?
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  3. by   Faeriewand
    Oh, I didn't realize, but if you already have a bachelors in another field then you only have to take the 30 core nursing classes and the one unit portfolio class.

    RN w/bachelor degree in a field other than nursing (transferring in 94 semester credits)
    30 core credits
    1 credit portfolio

    I just have an ADN so that's why I'm required to take more classes. No prob. With me working full time as a nurse, financial aid and some help from my work, I expect I will be able to pay for it as I go and graduate without debt.
  4. by   Faeriewand
    This school is not yet CCNE accredited. I wonder how long it will take to get CCNE accreditation.
  5. by   Faeriewand
    I am officially enrolled in United States University and looking for other students on here who are enrolled as well and can tell me about their experience. Looks like the cost for my degree will be $13,000 and my enrollment advisor said I can graduate in 14 months if I continue to go full time. Cal State San Marcos is $14,500 right now so I'm happy. I will be starting on the new campus in May. Just trying to get this thread going.
  6. by   Faeriewand
    The school is awesome!!! I just love the new campus and the location. The class I'm enrolled in is great and the teacher really engages us. Class size is small with about 15 students so I'm not overwhelmed by being in a sea of students. We are expected to participate in class discussions and the teacher really picks our brains and makes us think! I love it!

    Hoping others can post on here as well regarding their experiences with US University.
  7. by   J*Mart
    Hey guys!

    I would love to hear more about the school and your experiences. Is it really legit?
  8. by   Faeriewand
    Yup! I'm taking my first class there now. It is legit because it is WASC accredited. I'm with students who are going for their MSN and others like me getting the BSN or other Bachelors Degree.

    And because it is WASC accredited, if I decide to transfer to any state college, my classes would be accepted.

    They are on an 8week format so the classes are accelerated. The students know the format and they are not slackers. Most have a previous degree.
  9. by   BlueEyes85
    I'm very interested in this school...but it makes me nervous that they are not CCNE accredited yet. I know that for smaller schools it takes awhile for them to get that accreditation but do you know if its in the works yet??
  10. by   Faeriewand
    BlueEyes, I don't know. I just figure to take one class at a time and by the time I'm finished they should be accredited. I suppose we could always call them and ask. My class is just on Saturday so the offices are closed.
  11. by   BeanTrees
    I've been trying to call them for an hour, and it's either busy or sounds so gargled I can't make out what their recording says! Heck, I'm just going to drive down there in person!
  12. by   Faeriewand
    I'm almost done with my first class. Just one more week to go. I still really like the campus and the people.
  13. by   BeanTrees
    I need four of their three unit prereqs before I can apply. I have some serious qualms about forking over 3k without even being accepted into their program! Thoughts? Also, how competitive it is?
  14. by   Kewpie Doll
    I am also a current student at USU fulfilling their prereqs for $3000 that cannot be transferred in from anywhere else. I thought I would add to this conversation considering the recent problems that have arisen with the BRN. I am very peeved after committing myself to yet more prerequisites and more $$$ in anticipation of acceptance for the USU September cohort...and now finding out we can't even submit applications and there may not be a future cohort unless the BRN gives them a green light during a meeting in mid September. I was feeling like things were settled only to find the old nightmare of applying to programs and is returning. I asked a lot of questions and then wrote to an administrator at school asking for an explanation and that is when they had someone send out an email to all the prenursing students. Her email was vague about the circumstances, but I followed up with some questions and found out the problem has something to do with their staff or perhaps a lack of teaching staff and was assured they are doing everything they can to remedy the situation and they do expect to be back on track. However, even if they get everything in order there is a distinct possibility there may be no Fall cohort. If things go badly .... ???

    Even if a cohort starts in January, then double the amount of applicants will be pooled since there will be everyone who intended to apply for the fall plus all the students who finished up the prereqs by January. This is not a good feeling and if they close the program (which happened to me with Sharp/SDSU) I want my money back!